10 best must-do things in Barcelona

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Study architectural styles

Barcelona is the perfect guide to architectural destinations.

The story begins in the Barcelona Museum, where you can see the remains of ancient Roman walls. Then we propose you go to the Gothic Quarter, some of the buildings are 500 years old or even more. Admire the Gothic style of the medieval churches of Santa Maria del Pi and the Cathedral of Saint Eulalia.

Move on to classicism at the Royal Square. Look at the City Hall with its columns and porticos. Pay attention to the black metal lanterns - it was Gaudí's first municipal order.

Next, go to the Rambla and find the Palace of the Vice-Queen of Peru. It will open the door to the luxurious world of baroque. But most of the time should be devoted to modernism because Barcelona with its wonderful buildings of Gaudí is the most modernist city in the world. Take a look at the fabulous Casa Batlló and compare it with the monumental Casa Mila. If you don't like crowds, visit the House of Vicens - it is not as popular as its brothers, but it is no less beautiful. Relax in the shade of the palm trees in Parc Güell and at the end of the stroll admire the masterpiece Sagrada Familia, the epitome of pure genius.

To understand architecture better, buy an interesting online tour. There is great variety of Barcelona city tours, for example classic Old Town and Gothic Quarter Walking Tour, original Segway Sightseeing Tour, educational City Tour by Private Electric Tuk Tuk or absolutely amazing and breathtaking Helicopter, Walking, and Sailing 360º City Tour.

Get to know the fine art


Author: JOE Planas on Unsplash

Barcelona has several great art museums and you can't miss them.

The Picasso Museum houses 3,500 of his works, including paintings, drawings, ceramics, and sculptures. This is one of the largest collections in the world. 

Joan Miro is not as famous as Picasso, but this is just a reason to get to know him better. The Joan Miro Foundation presents a wonderful retrospective of the artist's work. You even may buy the tickets online to skip the line. If you have already bought the ticket but love Miro's abstract art too much and want more, there is good news from Mallorca. There is a hotel entirely dedicated to the work of Joan Miro in Palma, the capital of the island. It is located not far from the sea which is very convenient for those looking for a nice coastal hotel. The Hotel Joan Miro Museum is decorated with the originals of his paintings, and there is a house museum across the road. Even more pleasant news is that a double room in a four-star hotel costs only 115-160 euros in June. 

Fans of Dali's work will have to go to a nearby city called Figueres. There is Dali Theater Museum, where the artist lived, worked, died, and after death his body was immured in the floor of one of the rooms. This is one of the most unusual museums in Spain, but what else could you expect from an eccentric artist? You may plan your own trip or buy Dalí-Themed Cadaqués & Costa Brava Day Trip for 99 euros. 

Have fun in the amusement park

Luna Park Tibidabo is located on the slopes of Mount Tibidabo. Just above the amusement park, there is a beautiful temple crowned with a statue of Christ the Savior. It is really a very unusual place for an amusement park.

Mount Tibidabo offers several unique opportunities. First, enjoy unforgettable views from the observation deck at the feet of Christ the Savior. And then ride the carousels that have been built in 1889 which means they work for the second century in a  row. And finally, combine the first opportunity and the second and admire the scenery, but already from the Ferris wheel. The wheel is over a hundred years old. They have more modern attractions in the park too, but we suppose that touching history is much more interesting and impressive.

During the Private Tour to Tibidabo Mountain you will ascend to the summit of Tibidabo mountain, enjoy wonderful panoramic city views, and spend amazing time in Tibidabo Amusement Park or the Temple de Sagrat Cor.

Immerse yourself in the world of gastronomic entertainment

Start with tapas bars. Tapas are the most popular snack in Spain. It can include anything from nuts and sun-dried tomatoes to thinly sliced ​​Jamon and small pieces of meat or fish. A plate of different tapas can cost from 5 to 12 euros, and in some restaurants, tapas can be served with beer for free. 

Another appetizer that you should try is called pincho or pintxo. These are small sandwiches with seafood, meat, or vegetables. They are usually served in sets so that you can taste all the best at once. You will find pinchos at the bar and you can treat yourself to them while you make an order. You may be offered free pinchos or pay up to 10-12 euros per plate.

Small empanadillas pies are waiting for you in the cafes and bars of the country. They are deep-fried and filled with meat or fish. Ooh, it is incredible!

The queen of Spanish cuisine is called paella. It consists of rice seasoned with spices, olive oil, seafood, chicken, or vegetables. The most popular option is seafood paella, which is especially tasty and tender in Catalonia. A portion of paella costs 12-20 euros.

You should also try tortilla with potatoes, which sounds simple but tastes amazing.

Snacks are accompanied by traditional beer or sangria if you want something more refined. Sangria is translated as "blood", but the composition is usually citrus fruits, berries, and red wine. A glass of sangria costs 1 euro and is often served in large jugs as a soft drink.

You may organize your tour by yourself or order the perfect adventure online, for example Barcelona Tapas and Wine Experience Small-Group Walking Tour, during which you will walk along the city and stop at the best tapas bars, try delicious Catalan cuisine and choose from a selection of a fine regional wine. 

Feel like a bohemian

bohemian Barcelona

Author: Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

The most bohemian place in Barcelona is called Els Quatro Gats or Four Cats. This is a cabaret bar that Picasso, Hemingway, and Joan Miro once visited. Artists, writers, and theater artists met here. Today people come here to admire the unusual interior, reminiscent of the heyday of modernism, to taste the national cuisine, and enjoy the evening shows.

Another popular place is called London Bar. Picasso and Hemingway used to come here, but today you can come in, sit at the bar or a table with a marble top and order something hard. The bar has live music every evening, so don't miss out on the classic London setting and Catalan atmosphere.

The most luxurious place in Barcelona is the recently opened Cafe del Mar Lounge. Chic interiors, perfect seafood, professionally prepared cocktails, stunning views of the bay, popular parties with the best DJs, and all the European beau monde.

Get a beautiful Mediterranean tan

Barcelona has eight spacious beaches, so you can change the location every day or even twice a day. And you can go out of the city, admire nature and explore the beautiful coastal line. Or you can even go to another city for a couple of days. Fortunately, there are many very picturesque resort towns there and each of them is worth visiting. And do not forget your sunscreen!

Our article Best beaches in Barcelona will help you to find your perfect place.

Meet new friends in the zoo and the aquarium

Barcelona Aquarium

Author: Mathis Jrdl on Unsplash

Do you want to take a break from architectural and gastronomic delights and get closer to nature? Easily! There is a large Aquarium in the port of Barcelona, ​​​​where 35 aquariums and a tunnel are waiting for you, in which you can feel like a marine inhabitant taking a nice stroll along the seabed. Buy your skip-the-line ticket online.

In the Ciutadella Park you will find the Zoo where the animals feel as free as the visitors. You will hardly find a cage here. Dangerous animals are separated from visitors by ditches with water, and small animals and birds walk right among people.

Children really like this integration, besides, in the aquarium, you can feed the carp and touch them with your hands, and in the zoo you can watch the training of elephants, feeding animals, and even try feeding the penguins yourself. Buy your 1-day ticket online.

Enjoy the panorama of the city

Admiring Barcelona is good, but enjoying its beauty from the observation decks is even better.

You can climb the Tibidabo hill, get to the top of Christ the Savior statue and admire the scenery from there. Or you can go down to Luna Park, which is located nearby, and enjoy the gorgeous views from the Ferris wheel.

Mount Montjuic is the perfect place to have a picnic with a view of the sea and the city melting in the sunset.

If you don't want to go far, go up to the observation deck at the Columbus Monument. And if you want to add fairy motifs to the perfect city panorama, go to Park Güell. And there, at the main terrace, the views of the rooftops of Gaudi's gingerbread houses, the beauty of Barcelona, and the endless blue sea will take your breath away.

Explore Barcelona's surrounding area

Barcelona is not the only attraction in Catalonia. The area is full of picturesque places. Start from Mount Montserrat, from the top of which you can even see Mallorca if the weather is good. Spend a couple of days in the cozy resort town of Tossa de Mar, and if you like, you can continue your seaside vacation in the lovely town called Lloret de Mar. Fans of ancient cities will love Girona, and connoisseurs of Dali's art will love Figueres.

The trip to Montserrat may take half of a day if you buy Montserrat Half Day Experience from Barcelona or a whole day, such as amazing Montserrat Experience with Gourmet Organic Wine Tasting.

Go on a sea trip

Barcelona sea trip

Author:  Noel Broda on Unsplash

When all the beaches have already been explored, it's time to explore the coast. The best way to do this is to rent a yacht or buy a ticket for a sightseeing boat.

You may rent a boat in the city port. Another option is to buy a tour. Touristic boats depart from the promenade, located near the monument to Christopher Columbus. Or you may find your perfect tour online. What do you loke more: Sightseeing 60-minute Cruise of Barcelona Skyline for 10 euros per person, Sunset Jazz Cruise in Barcelona for 25 euros per person or maybe Unique Sunset Sailing Experience in Barcelona for 85 euros per percon?

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