Discover 12 best beaches in Barcelona

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Barcelona attracts tourists with green parks with tropical plants, unusual architecture and wonders of urban planning, an excellent climate, and many kilometers of sandy beaches. The waves of the Mediterranean Sea roll on the golden sand, sprawling palm trees grow along the coast, rivers of sangria flow in the beach bars, and paella with shrimp smells delicious so you understand that Barcelona is the best place for a perfect vacation.

Today we share the most useful information about Barcelona's best beaches and nearby resorts.

Best beaches in Barcelona: 

Beach season in Barcelona

The first tourists come to Barcelona in late April - early May. It is warm, the temperature of the air is about 20C, and the sea warms up to 18C. Swimming is not very comfortable yet, but sunbathing saves the situation. At the end of May, the water warms up to 20C, and local residents, as well as the guests of the city, make their first swims.

The high season starts at the end of June and lasts until mid-September. These are the hottest months and the most popular among tourists. There are a lot of people in Barcelona in the summer: on the beaches, on the streets, in cafes, shopping centers, and hotels. If you love parties, fun, and people, summer in Barcelona is for you. If you prefer cooler temperatures and quieter times, wait until the end of September.

In September, the heat subsides, the number of people on the streets is decreasing, prices drop, everyone becomes calmer and more relaxed. The air temperature in September and October can reach 25C, the water temperature in the sea is usually 20-22C. You can swim in the sea until the end of October, but even in November, you can see someone splashing in the waves.

In November, the rainy season begins, and the beach season turns into a sightseeing season that lasts until the end of March. This period has its advantages - hotels lower the prices as much as possible, people are more relaxed and friendly, and you won’t have to hustle in shops and cafes. In general, the whole of Barcelona is just for you.

San Sebastia beach

San Sebastia beach

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The beach of San Sebastia is located next to the most famous beach of Barceloneta. Both beaches are within a minute's walk from the city center, so if you are on a walk and suddenly decide to freshen up, San Sebastia or Barceloneta is a perfect choice.

San Sebastia is one of the most popular beaches due to its location. Nevertheless, there is usually enough space for everyone.

San Sebastia facilities

The beach of San Sebastia is free, like all other beaches in Barcelona. Here you will find soft sand, azure waves, and excellent service.

The beach has everything you need to relax by the sea: rental of comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas (6 euros per piece per day), showers and restrooms, beach bars and cafes with outdoor terraces, kiosks selling beach accessories, a rescue post and a first-aid post, children playgrounds, and sports grounds.

On San Sebastia, you can play volleyball or table tennis, join a yoga or meditation class, rent diving equipment, or even a boat.

A picturesque 5 kilometers long promenade runs parallel to the seafront and all the city beaches. Palm trees create a pleasant shadow, coolness blows from the beach, cyclists pass by and lovers of a healthy lifestyle run by, couples in love walk along, and children run joyfully - this is summer in Barcelona.

The best hotels near San Sebastia beach

If you are not very familiar with the city and want to live near the beach and not far from the center, the area of San Sebastia and Barceloneta is the best choice. Hotel prices here are a bit higher than elsewhere, but the location is perfect. The beach is almost under the balcony, and all popular attractions are within walking distance. You probably won't even need to use public transport or maybe very seldom.

One of the most unusual and luxurious hotels in Barcelona is located right on the beach of San Sebastia. It looks like a giant sail and you have definitely seen it in the pictures of Barcelona. The five-star W Barcelona offers its guests spacious rooms in an avant-garde style, magnificent views of the sea, the proximity of the promenade and the city center, several swimming pools with beautiful sun terraces, a garden with tropical plants, restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine, a bar on the 27th floor with amazing views and excellent service.

If you're on a budget, you'll love the Safestay Barcelona Sea. This hostel is located right on the beach. The location is so good that you first have breakfast overlooking the beach and then cross the road and the golden sands of San Sebastia are at your service.

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta beach

Author: Federico Giampieri on Unsplash

The Barceloneta district is one of the oldest in the city. For many centuries fishermen had been settling here, closer to the sea. Today not only fishermen live here, and everyone acknowledges that Barceloneta is one of the best areas in the city. 

Here you will find wonderful hotels with perfect sea views, amazing fish restaurants with classic Mediterranean cuisine, which is, as you remember, the healthiest in the world, and a perfect beach with clean sand and azure water.

Barceloneta beach facilities

Barceloneta beach is always bright, noisy, hot and fun. The beach stretches for more than a kilometer and its width is also impressive - more than 40 meters, which means that there is enough space for everyone. Here you can lie by the water, sit under a palm tree, walk along the shore, chill in a bar, learn Spanish with native speakers, dance, meditate - whatever.

One important rule applies to all the beaches of Barcelona - keep an eye on your belongings. Because thieves come here from all over the country and the surrounding area and feel at home. So do not leave things unattended.

Barceloneta beach is very clean and has everything to make your vacation perfect: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas (6 euros per piece), fresh water showers and restrooms, kiosks with beach equipment, cafes where you can have a bite, beach bars with delicious cocktails, a huge amount of entertainment for children, a variety of sports grounds and so on.

The best hotels near Barceloneta beach

A room in a three-star hotel near the sea costs 100-190 euros

A room in a five-star hotel near the sea costs from 240 euros.

Pullman Barcelona Skipper is located just a minute's walk from the sea. Guests are offered spacious rooms with stunning views of Barcelona and the sea, several pools, including a rooftop pool, restaurants, bars, and excellent service.

Hotel Arts Barcelona is located right on the beach, that is, the sea is splashing almost under the balcony, which is always good, especially in the heat. It offers bright rooms, Michelin restaurants, several pools with beautiful sun terraces, a fitness center, and a spa. Hotel Arts Barcelona is perfect for those who love and appreciate modern architecture and original design solutions. Here you will find comfortable furniture, decor made from natural materials, interesting geometric shapes, well-thought-out lighting, fresh flowers on the dining table, paintings of contemporary artists and an absolutely incredible panoramic view of Barcelona.

One of the best budget-friendly options is the cozy Residencia Universitaria Campus del Mar, which is a five-minute walk from the sea, and the design hotel Hotel 54 Barceloneta, located 200 meters from the beach. The hotel has everything you need for a relaxing vacation: bright rooms with an original design, a rooftop bar where you can enjoy a drink or dine with a view of Barcelona, and caring staff.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell beach

Author: Linus Ekenstam on Unsplash

Another central beach in Barcelona is called Bogatell. People come here for relaxation. There is no loud music, bright signboards, and topless girls, but there is an endless blue sea, soft golden sand, and bright sun.

Bogatell beach facilities

The beach is large, its length is 650 meters and its width is almost 40. It means that anyone will find a perfect place under the sun here.

Here you will find comfortable sun loungers and large umbrellas at a price of 6 euros per piece per day, nice bars and cafes with beautiful terraces with sea views, showers, and restrooms, children's playgrounds, and entertainment for adults.

There are volleyball playgrounds on Bogatell, so feel free to join those who are already playing, beach gyms, and special places where you can do yoga or meditate. If you like cycling or rollerblading, there is a rental not far from the beach, and a promenade with special bike paths running along the sea.

Best hotels near Bogatell beach

A room in a four-star hotel near the sea costs 100-250 euros

The most comfortable hotel near Bogatell Beach is the four-star Hotel SB Icaria Barcelona. You will find two sandy beaches within a couple of minutes' walk, stylish rooms with large beds and magnificent views of the sea and the city from the windows, excellent restaurants with a large menu and fantastic service, a large swimming pool with a spacious sun terrace, and a spa complex.

If you are looking for a budget hotel, take a look at Ibis Styles Barcelona City Bogatell. This is a classic budget hotel that offers reasonable prices and guaranteed comfort. The hotel is a couple of minutes' walk from the beach and close to the city center. It offers a small pool on the roof, a panoramic sun terrace, a cozy cafe where you can have breakfast, and always attentive staff.

Nova Icaria beach

Nova Icaria beach

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Another beach that stretches for more than five kilometers along Barcelona is called Nova Ikaria. It is located between Barceloneta and Bogatell.

Nova Icaria beach is traditionally popular with families with children because the beach has two breakwaters and they create the effect of a bay. There are always fewer waves on New Icaria, the descent into the water is very gentle, and the rescuers are especially attentive.

The beach has all the necessary facilities: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, restrooms, and showers, cafes, cafes, and bars, kiosks selling beach accessories, children's playgrounds, and sports grounds for every taste.

Playgrounds and entertainment are located both on land and in water, so a child of any age will find something to play with. For adults, volleyball nets are stretched, there are beach gyms, rentals of surfing and diving equipment, you can take a boat, scooter or even rent a yacht in the port nearby. As you see a full range of seaside entertainment is available on the beaches of Barcelona. 

Best hotels near Nova Icaria

A room in a three-star hotel costs 90-150 euros

One of the best options is H10 Marina Barcelona. It stands within walking distance of the sea. The hotel features stylish rooms with panoramic windows and gorgeous views, several swimming pools, one of which is located on the roof of the hotel, a panoramic sun terrace, a restaurant serving Spanish and Catalan cuisine, and, of course, first-class service.

The best budget hotel is Ibis Styles Barcelona City Bogatell. Here you are guaranteed a comfortable stay for little money. The bonus is an excellent location near the sea and close to the center of Barcelona, modern rooms, delicious breakfasts and even a small pool on the roof.

De la Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella

Author: Pablo Monteagudo on Flickr

The most freedom-loving beach in Barcelona is called De la Mar Bella. It lies between Bogatell and Llevant. As you get closer to the sea, you feel like restrictions fall off you, responsibility evaporates, and maybe even you want to dance nude. The thing is that one part of the beach was chosen by nudists and people of non-traditional orientation, and the other is for everyone. 

To be fair, you may meet each category of people on Mar Bella - gays, straights, singles, and families with children. Because Barcelona is for everyone. And we must admit that it is generally too easy to meet a woman topless or a man without swimming trunks in Barcelona, so just be ready for anything.

De la Mar Bella Beach is also popular with surfers because it has big waves. There is even a surf school near the beach where you can rent surf equipment and take a couple of lessons. Surfers meet on this beach and on neighboring Llevant.

De la Mar Bella beach facilities

There is everything you need on Mar Bella beach, as well as on other city beaches. Here you will find rental of umbrellas and sun loungers (6 euros per day), water showers and restrooms, cafes, and bars.

Llevant Beach

Llevant Beach

Author: Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Llevant is one of the new beaches. It is located on the outskirts of Barcelona just behind the Mar Bella beach.

This is a clean, uncrowded beach where anyone can find a place and activity to their taste. There are no crowds of people, as in Barceloneta, children's laughter and squeals, as in New Icaria, but there is yellow sand, blue waves, tall palm trees, and excellent beach facilities.

The beach offers rentals of sun loungers and umbrellas (6 euros per day apiece), fresh water showers and restrooms, cute cafes with an outdoor terrace and bars with an impressive drinks list, sports fields, and children's play areas. There is another sector that was created specifically for dogs on the edge of the beach. That means if you want to increase the degree of positive emotions, just go there, and a good mood is guaranteed.

Best hotels near Llevant beach 

Llevant is located in a quiet part of the city, so if you want to live by the sea and at the same time are striving for peace and quiet, choose this area.

The four-star Occidental Atenea Mar is considered the best hotel on Llevant Beach. This is a huge hotel that operates on the Adults Only system. Here you will find beautiful rooms with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Barcelona, a restaurant serving Spanish cuisine, a large swimming pool with a spacious sun terrace, an entertainment program, and staff who are always ready to help.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option, choose the four-star Hotel Best Front Maritim. It is located 100 meters from the beach. Here you will be offered modern rooms with sea and city views, a Mediterranean restaurant, a gym with a sauna and a high level of service.

Forum Beach

Forum Beach

Author:  Alessio Rinella on Unsplash

Forum beach is located away from the city center, 5 km from the popular beach of Barceloneta.

It is great for a freshening-up on a hot day or a seaside BBQ. The locals believe that this beach is designed specifically to fry meat here and walk the dogs along the coast. They come here in large groups and rest from morning until the next morning.

The Forum Beach stretches for 400 meters, so there is enough space for everyone. This is not the cleanest beach (because of dogs and barbecues), but it cannot be called dirty either. Come here if you want to relax in nature with snacks and sangria. And if you want a respectable vacation with perfect Barcelona views, it is better to go to Bogatell or Barceloneta.

Forum beach facilities

The beach is well equipped. Here you can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella for 6 euros per day, use the shower or restrooms, buy a towel or glasses at the beach kiosk, have a snack in a cafe, and if you want to take a walk along the sea, there is a wonderful shady park nearby.

Pescadors Beach

Pescadors beach

Author: yucar studios on Unsplash

We continue our journey along the beaches of Barcelona and transfer to Pescadors. Pescadors Beach is located 10 km from the center of Barcelona.

This is not the most popular Barcelona beach and it takes time to get here, but it has a lot of advantages.

There are few people on Pescadors beach. And this means that you choose absolutely any place, even by the sea, even under a palm tree, and if it does not suit you, change to another. It also means that it is clean here. All the beaches in Barcelona are quite clean, but fewer people mean less garbage.

There are also no annoying sellers of anything on Pescadors, which means, no one bothers you so you may relax and enjoy your vacation.

Pescadors facilities

Pescadors beach has everything you need for a great seaside holiday: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas (5-6 euros per piece per day), showers and restrooms, beach bars and cozy cafes with outdoor terraces, kiosks with beach goods, and along the beach passes a beautiful promenade lined with fragrant flowers and sprawling palm trees.

How to get Pescadors beach

The easiest and fastest way to get to the beach is by city train. It departs from the center of Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya station). Twenty minutes and you are by the sea, listening to the cries of seagulls and the splashing of the waves. You need to get off at Badalona station. The fare is 2-3 euros.

Best hotels near Pescadors beach

Pescadors is located in a suburb of Barcelona called Badalona. Many people choose this area because prices for hotels and apartments here are much lower than in Barcelona itself. And you can get to the city with its parks and cathedrals in just 20 minutes and a couple of euros.

An inexpensive hotel, Hotel Miramar Badalona, stands right on the beach. Here you will find modern rooms with sea views, a delicious breakfast, and caring staff.

The budget, but quite worthy Hostal Solimar pleases guests with an ideal location, comfortable beds, excellent views from the windows and the beach is a couple of minutes away.

Mataro resort

Mataro resort

Author: Jonatan Quintero on Unsplash

It's no secret that hotels in Barcelona are expensive. But there are several cozy resort towns around Barcelona. There you will find clean sandy beaches, interesting architecture, cozy hotels, and low prices. And you can always get to Barcelona by public transport for a couple of euros. 

Mataro is one of them and it is a perfect place to save money. Here you live near the sea and not too far from Barcelona. It is located 30 km from Barcelona.

Mataro has more than two kilometers of beaches with soft golden sand, azure waves of the Mediterranean Sea, excellent service, and many hotels at reasonable prices.

Mataro is a fairly large city with beaches, parks, malls, museums, architectural landmarks such as ancient Roman ruins and medieval walls, and even a building built by Gaudí himself. We have already written about it in more detail. That is, you won’t get bored here, and if it happens, then bright Barcelona is half an hour away.

How to get to Mataro

The easiest way to get to Mataró is by train. They depart from the very center of Barcelona, from Placa de Catalunia station. The fare is 4-5 euros. Timetables can be found on the railway website. Travel time is about half an hour.

Best hotels in Mataro

The most comfortable options in Mataro include the four-star URH Ciutat de Mataró, located a 15-minute walk from the beach, or the classic Ibis Barcelona Mataro, where you will be offered comfortable rooms and a traditionally high level of service.

Castelldefels Resort


Author: Josemanuel on Wikimedia Commons

Another picturesque resort with the beautiful name of Castelldefels is located 22 km from Barcelona.

This beach is popular with locals because there are no crowds of people like on the city beaches, you can have a picnic and enjoy the sea and nature, listening to the sound of the sea.

The length of the beach is more than 5 km. It is divided into several sectors, but there are no significant differences between them. The beach is very wide, so even in the highest season, that is, in July and August, there is more than enough space here. That is if you want to sit on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea with a book, or meditate, not listening to other people's conversations, think about a trip to Castelldefels.

The beach has excellent infrastructure: there is a rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, restrooms, and showers, kiosks selling beach accessories, sports grounds and children's play areas, rentals of boats, kayaks, and other equipment.

A beautiful promenade lined with palm trees and oleanders runs along the beach. And of course, there are beach cafes with outdoor terraces, where it is so nice to refresh yourself with sangria and have a bite of tapas.

How to get to Castelldefels

The easiest way to get to Castelldefels is by train. It departs from Barcelona's central train station called Barcelona Sants. Get off at Platja de Castelldefels station. The trip costs 3-5 euros.

Best hotels near Castelldefels beach

Castelldefels is a wonderful option for those who want to live by the sea, be able to visit Barcelona, and still save on accommodation. Hotels and apartments here are at least 20 percent cheaper than in Barcelona, and the quality of service is not less.

One of the best hotels on the coast is the four-star Best Western Hotel Mediterraneo. There you will be offered spacious rooms with sea views, delicious breakfasts, and a traditionally high level of service.

Lloret de Mar resort

Lloret de Mar

Author: Cudeiro04 on Wikimedia Commons

There are several unique resort towns not far from Barcelona. There you can not only sunbathe but also admire nature and architecture. These places will also help you to know the Spanish culture better, and it's worth a lot. One of these towns is called Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar is located 75 km from Barcelona. On the one hand, you might think, "what's the point of going so far if the beauty of Barcelona is so close?" We understand your hesitations. But visiting small towns helps to understand the Spanish way of life. If you want to know how the Spaniards really live, you need to see how intercity public transport works, how roads look like, how sellers in supermarkets talk, and how life works in ordinary non-super touristic cities and towns.

So Lloret de Mar is one of the most picturesque places in the province of Barcelona. The city is situated on the slopes of low mountains covered with emerald forests. The trees seem to flow down to the sea, but they are stopped by the shore covered with golden sand. There are a lot of tourists here, but they do not create crowds.

Lloret de Mar is known for its microclimate. It is not only located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea but it is also surrounded by mountains from three sides. The forest saturates the air with useful elements, and the sea with iodine, so a week of rest here improves your health.

Lloret de Mar is a rather large city with about 40 thousand people living here, so there is everything you need for a holiday: wonderful nature, beautiful architecture, malls and souvenir markets, beach activities and vibrant parties in local clubs.

Read more about the resort in our Ultimate guide to Lloret de Mar.

Best beaches of Lloret de Mar

The resort has several beaches: two urban and about five suburban beaches, which can be easily reached on foot, by public transport, or by taxi.

The central city beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas (5-6 euros per piece per day), free showers and restrooms, bars, and cafes, entertainment for children, rentals of equipment for diving and other outdoor activities, sports areas, and volleyball nets.

A promenade lined with palm trees and flowers runs along the central beach. There are cafes and restaurants, hotels, and historical buildings along the promenade. Right behind the promenade, the historical part of the city begins.

There is another beach a 20-minute walk from the central beach. It is smaller, but much more picturesque. Both sides of the beach are surrounded by rocks, and an old tower rises on one of them. You should go up to the tower, go to the observation deck and admire the surroundings as the views are amazing. You can take sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, use the shower and restrooms, rent diving equipment and pay for the instructor, walk along the beautiful promenade, and admire the sea.

The best hotels in Lloret de Mar

People go to Lloret de Mar not only for the beautiful views and gorgeous beaches, but also to save money. Prices for hotels here are at least 20-30 percent lower than in Barcelona, and the quality of the service is very high.

A spacious room in a four-star hotel in summer costs 80-140 euros, and an inexpensive room in a guest house can be rented for 40-60 euros per day.

One of the best hotels by the sea is the four-star Hotel Marsol. Here you will find bright rooms with balconies and sea views, a restaurant with a wonderful menu, a good spa, and first-class service.

The five-star Rigat Park & Spa Hotel stands right by the sea. The hotel offers spacious rooms with balconies and breathtaking views of the coast. The spa will help you to relax after a day of long walks, and in restaurants, you will be served the most healthy cuisine in the world.

Hotel Surf Mar is the  best budget-friendly option. It is a couple of minutes' walk from the beach and offers its guests good service for little money. 

Read more about the resort in our Ultimate guide to Lloret de Mar.

Tossa de Mar resort

Tossa de Mar resort

Author: Gordito1869 on Wikimedia Commons

The resort of Tossa de Mar is located 100 km from Barcelona.

Tossa de Mar is a small town with only five thousand inhabitants, but despite its modest size, it has incredible charm. Here you will find the aquamarine Mediterranean Sea, fine golden sand, pine forests, palm alleys, ancient fortresses, and even a medieval castle.

Best beaches of Tossa de Mar

The city has three beaches. Two are located near the city center and another one is a five-minute walk away. That is, you can change locations at least twice a day, or even more often.

The beaches have everything you need for a good vacation: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, showers and restrooms, cafes and bars, children's play areas, sports grounds, and souvenir shops. And as a bonus, magnificent views and beautiful nature around are attached, as well as sea and forest air, which makes you healthy and beautiful.

There are diving equipment rentals on the beaches, and if you do not want to use serious equipment, a mask and snorkel as much as you want. The coast of Tossa de Mar is indented with rocks that form underwater grottoes. Fish lives in them, and the rays of the sun, refracting on the water, draw marvelous patterns on the stones. But be careful and don't swim too far.

An even easier way to enjoy the underwater world is with a boat with a glass bottom. It can be rented on the central beach.

In addition, lovers of hiking in the forests will like Tossa de Mar, because the views here are fascinating.

Read more in our Complete Guide to Tossa de Mar

How to get to Tossa de Mar

The easiest and cheapest way is the bus. It departs from Barcelona North Station (Estació del Nord). The journey takes an hour and a half. The fare is from 5 to 15 euros.

If you have a lot of luggage or you are traveling with a group of several people, book a transfer. It is convenient, fast, and reliable. Transfer from Barcelona to Tossa de Mar costs from 90 euros. Order a transfer.

The best hotels in Tossa de Mar

The 4-star boutique Hotel Diana is a unique place from an architectural point of view. The building was designed by a student of Gaudi, Anthony de Falguer, and the style of the master is very clearly visible. The hotel stands right by the sea, and from the balcony of some rooms, you can admire the beach, tall sprawling palm trees, and the old tower. It offers stylish rooms with original decor and large windows overlooking the sea and the city, an excellent restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, the opportunity to relax by the fireplace with prosecco or coffee, and the highest level of service. Another great feature is that the hotel has rooms for four people.

Another great option is the four-star Gran Hotel Reymar & Spa Superior. The hotel is located by the sea and offers its guests beautiful rooms with spacious balconies and wonderful views of the sea and the city center. You can relax in the pool surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the sea, relax in the spa, and explore the local cuisine in the restaurant. The terrace of the restaurant and the pool overlook the sea, and in the evenings you can enjoy the beautiful sunset sky, listen to the birds singing and the sound of the sea, forgetting about everything.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, take a look at the three-star Hotel Windsor, with an excellent location and modern rooms that have everything you need.

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