Tenerife guide: best resorts and how to get there

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Tenerife is one of the most popular resorts in Spain. This island attracts with its perfect beaches of volcanic black sand, cozy cities with comfortable yet inexpensive hotels, long beautiful promenades, hundreds of cute cafes and restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine, and excellent service. If you want to relax in style on a picturesque island without overpaying, you won’t find a better option than Tenerife.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Playa de las Teresitas beach

Teresitas beach

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If you google the phrase “Best beaches in Tenerife” you will immediately be offered dozens of photos of a beach with yellow sand and cute umbrellas. You might think that all Tenerife beaches look like this, but this is far from reality. Most beaches on the island consist of black volcanic sand, but there are a few exceptions, and the most popular of them is called Teresitas Beach or Playa de las Teresitas. This beach is situated a 10-minute drive from the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Teresitas is considered a city beach, but officially the city has no good beaches and Playa de las Teresitas is a 15-minute drive from Santa Cruz the Tenerife.

Teresitas is a long beach perfect both for those who like long walks along the ocean and those who prefer to sunbathe near the water. Where does such amazing yellow sand come from to the volcanic island of Tenerife? The answer is: from the Sahara desert. The thing is that in the 1970s when it became obvious that tourism would bring financial prosperity to the island, it was decided to make the capital’s beach more attractive. And what would make it more attractive but for fine golden sand? The closest place with such sand was the Sahara Desert, which, by a happy coincidence, was located right across the strait and no sooner said than done. In total, 320 thousand tons of sand were transported by ship to Tenerife. Breakwaters were built to protect the beach from waves, and beautiful palm trees were planted along the shore to give the resort a more heavenly view. The idea was successful, and now thousands of tourists come to Teresitas every year.

People are attracted not only by the beautiful and soft sand but also by the excellent service and reasonable prices. As a result, you get tropical beauty, an ideal spacious beach, delicious cocktails in bars, tasty seafood paella in local restaurants, excellent sea and mountain views, thoughtful staff, and good facilities. Teresitas Beach has everything you need for a perfect holiday: yellow sand, blue water, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas for 2-4 euros per day, showers and restrooms, beach cafes and bars, children's play areas, sports grounds, and parking. The slope, as you enter the water, is gentle, and there are never large waves because of the breakwaters, so the beach is comfortable for families with children.

How to get to Teresitas Beach from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Bus 910 goes from Santa Cruz to the beach. It departs from the Intercambiador Sta.Cruz train station, on Avenida Tres de Mayo. The stop is called Las Teresitas. Travel time is 15 minutes. The fare is 1.25 euros.

The best hotels near Teresitas Beach

There are no large hotels near the beach itself, but you can look for apartments. The best hotels are located in the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, from where you can drive to the beach in 15 minutes. In Santa Cruz, you will find the luxurious five-star Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey, the comfortable three-star Occidental Santa Cruz Contemporáneo, and many other options.

If you want to live near the beach, pay attention to the spacious Nina Apartment, or apartments Casa Julia, located by the sea so you will hear the waves swashing up on the beach.

The best things to do in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz activities

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Start your walk around the city by visiting the temples, which are built here in a Spanish style. The most significant cathedral in the city is called the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Iglesia de la Concepción). In the 17th century, the temple was called the Temple of the Holy Cross, which in Spanish sounds like Santa Cruz, now it is the name of the city. The second most popular temple is named after St. Francis of Assisi (Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís). It was built in the Baroque style. Within its walls is a large collection of religious sculptures, and the most interesting among them is the figure of Señora de las Tribulaciones, made in 1893 from corn flour. Legend says that thanks to this statue, the city got rid of the plague epidemic and since then this sculpture has been worshipped here.

Among the unusual things in the city is the Masonic Temple (Templo Masónico de Santa Cruz de Tenerife). The building is guarded by four sphinxes, and the All-Seeing Eye is depicted above the entrance.

Visit the avant-garde Auditorio de Tenerife concert hall. The building vaguely resembles the Sydney Opera House but is smaller and more modest. Chamber and symphony concerts are held here, and the acoustics are considered one of the best in the world. The white building, reminiscent of a wave, stands on the ocean shore and is surrounded by palm trees. It is a great place for evening walks, a fantastic object for unusual photographs, and a wonderful opportunity to listen to great music.

The city also has several museums: the Museum of Nature and Archaeology (Museo de la Naturaleza y Arqueologia), the Military Museum (Museo Militar Regional de Canarias), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Municipal De Bellas Artes). So lovers of cultural life will be busy in this city.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also home to sun-drenched squares and narrow historic streets, shady botanical gardens with rare tropical plants and wonderful flowers, shopping streets where you can buy a beautiful hat and add more chic to your look, and large shopping malls to buy a swimsuit or dress as a souvenir from the amazing island, and, of course, concerts, carnivals, festivals that take place here throughout the summer.

El Socorro

El Socorro

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A lovely town with the exotic name El Socorro is located a 20-minute drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This is not the most popular resort, but the beauty of the local black-sand beaches makes us mention this place in our review of the best beaches in Tenerife. The beaches of El Socorro consist of volcanic sand. Beautiful hills frame them, the waves of the endless blue ocean roll onto the shore, and the sun shines only for you. This place is not very well known among tourists, which means it is not crowded.

Spread out your blanket, order refreshing cocktails, enjoy gorgeous landscapes, and listen to the waves swashing up on the shore. People come here to swim and sunbathe, have picnics, meditate, admire nature, and surf. And when you get tired of contemplation, go for a walk along the old city streets, look at stone houses covered with vines, buy fresh fruit at the local market, and have dinner on the open terrace of a cozy cafe.

The best hotels near El Socorro Beach

In El Socorro, there are many comfortable apartments with very affordable prices. For example, the house La Casita Nueva, designed for four, can be rented for 100 euros per day.

El Medano

El Medano

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El Medano is located a 1,5-hour drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. People come here for spacious beaches of black volcanic sand, bizarre rocks, mysterious caves, underwater grottoes, an ocean with ideal waves, perfect surfing, kites flying high in the sky, excellent service, and low prices for hotels.

There are four beaches in El Medano: Playa del Medano, Playa del Cabezo, Playa el Salado, and Playa de la Jaquita. If that's not enough, there are a couple more suburban ones: La Playita and La Tejita. If even this is not enough, you can go to the neighboring town of Arenas del Mar, where you will find several more beautiful beaches, high mountains, and picturesque capes extending into the ocean.

The beaches of El Medano have everything you need for a good holiday: rentals of sun loungers and umbrellas for 2 euros per day, showers and restrooms, beach cafes, a surf school where you can rent equipment, stores selling beach accessories and food.

It’s worth going to El Medano if you want to relax in nature, walk along the ocean and wander through rocks and forests, learn how to fly kites and surf, dive and get to know the underwater world, and also get your fill of ocean views.

The best hotels in El Medano 

El Médano is a trendy resort and there are several large hotels here, such as the four-star Kn Hotel Arenas del Mar Adults Only, which offers luxurious rooms with ocean views and a restaurant serving Canarian cuisine. There are smaller hotels, for example, the three-star Hotel Playa Sur Tenerife, which is located right by the ocean.

Las Galletas 

Las Galletas

Author: Jose Mesa @ Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Las Galletas is situated a 1.5-hour drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and a 5-minute drive from Los Cristianos.

The name of the city comes from the familiar word “galettes” or “galletas”, which means cookies in Spanish. There is a rumor that several centuries ago a ship transporting sweets, was wrecked on these shores. The ship sank, and the sweets were washed ashore. Residents rejoiced at the sweet catch and named their city after the boxes full of cookies. We don’t know whether this is true or not, but the legend is good.

The city of Las Galletas is famous not only for its name but also for its sandy beaches and banana plantations. The city also has a small port and a fish market, where they bring the freshest fish every morning. So if you love bright sun, long beaches, and healthy food, book a hotel and come to Galletas.

The best beaches in Las Galletas

Las Galletas Beach is located on the outskirts of the city, but as the city is quite small getting to the beach won’t take much time. The beach extends for 500 meters. The beach is mostly sandy, but there are some small rocks. The beach is well-equipped. There are sun loungers and umbrellas rentals, showers and restrooms, beach stores and cafes. You can rent a boat, scooter, or even yacht and explore the coast, you can go diving, or just relax listening to the cries of seagulls and the splash of waves.

Las Galletas beach is perfect for families with children because it has fine sand and a gentle slope while you enter the water.

There is another beach in the neighboring village of Costa del Silenzio. The Costa del Silenzio beach is rocky and surrounded by cliffs. Those who like diving or snorkeling will love this place. There you will find many underwater grottoes, but be careful and don’t swim too deep.

The best things to do in Las Galletas 

The city is small, but there is something to see here too. The main attraction is the local lighthouse, which has been showing the way to sailors for many years. The lighthouse is painted a traditional red and white color and comes out very well in photographs. It also offers an excellent view of the surrounding area. We have already mentioned the fish market. After lunch, you can stroll along the promenade or explore the architecture of local cathedrals. In the evening, take a bus or taxi and go for a walk to the neighboring cities, for example, Las Americas and Los Cristianos, which are considered the most popular resorts on the whole island. 

How to get to Las Galletas from Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Los Cristianos

If you are in Santa Cruz, go to the Intercambiador Sta. Cruz bus station and find bus 110. It will take you to Los Cristianos. Travel time is approximately 1,5 hours. In Los Cristianos change to bus 467 and in 15 minutes get off in Las Galletas.

The best hotels in Las Galletas

The best hotel near Las Galletas beach is called Ona Alborada. It stands by the sea. The hotel has a large seawater swimming pool and a beautiful green terrace perfect for sunbathing. It offers spacious rooms with balconies, as well as well-equipped kitchens where you can prepare the freshest fish from the market. The hotel also has a restaurant where you can try the best things about Mediterranean cuisine.

Villa 8 Islas is a spacious hotel located in Costa del Silenzio, a 10-minute walk from the sea and not far from Las Galletas. It features nice twin rooms and family rooms with comfortable beds, a shared kitchen, and perfect balconies with scenic views.

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes

Author: Diego Delso @ Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Los Gigantes is a beautiful town and a popular beach located a 30-minute drive from the resort of Costa Adeje. This place is famous for its picturesque cliffs that frame the beach and black volcanic sand that looks so beautiful with the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

On one side the beach is surrounded by high cliffs, and on the other by a seaport. Even though Los Gigantes is a small town, and the beach is small too, it is still included in all ratings of the most popular beaches in Tenerife because of the beauty of the local nature. A ridge of dark stone cliffs goes beyond the horizon, all the houses and villas are painted in light colors and roll down the hillside like pearls towards the ocean.

There are sun loungers and umbrellas rentals, beach shops and cafes, showers and restrooms, it is very clean there and the sand is perfect. Los Gigantes is just an amazing place to relax. 

The most picturesque view opens from the Mirador Los Gigantes observation deck. It is located 15 minutes walk from the beach, behind the city port.

If you want to explore the surrounding area in more detail, rent a boat or yacht and spend time exploring the coastline but be careful with the currents, which are quite strong there. By the way, you can easily spot dolphins in these waters.

The best things to do in Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes

Author: Diego Delso / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

The city is known for its gorgeous views, which means you will find several vista points there. We have already mentioned one of them called Mirador Los Gigantes. Another one is located a little higher and is called Vistas de Los Gigantes. You will be amazed by majestic cliffs, black beaches, and a city shining in the sun rays. If you climb even higher, you will find the Mirador Archipenque observation deck. This is the must-visit of Los Gigantes. Sit at a table in a cafe, order drinks, and admire incredible landscapes. You will see the rocks stretching far far away, snow-white yachts in the port, a city with its tiny houses and slim palm trees, and an endless ocean.

Los Gigantes has many cafes and restaurants serving Mediterranean and Canarian cuisine. And after lunch, you can walk along the city streets with low houses made of light stone and cozy courtyards, and take a hundred marvelous pictures.

A trip from Los Gigantes to Costa Adeje will take you half an hour. Just a short trip and you enjoy a long promenade, the largest water park in Europe, Siam Park, botanical gardens and parks with tropical plants, beat nightclubs, and trendy bars.

How to get to Los Gigantes Beach

The easiest way to get to Los Gigantes is to get to the neighboring cities of Los Cristianos or Costa Adeje and there find a bus 473. It drives through Costa Adeje and arrives at Los Gigantes. Buses run every day from 5.20 to 22.15.

The best hotels near Los Gigantes Beach

The four-star Royal Sun Resort is located close to the Los Gigantes cliffs. Spacious apartments with large balconies offer stunning views of the ocean and cliffs. The apartment has everything you need for a perfect vacation: comfortable beds, a balcony with an amazing view, a big living room, and a well-equipped kitchen. The hotel has a swimming pool with a beautiful sun terrace, several restaurants, and sports grounds.

Villa Los Gigantes View is located 5 5-minute walk from the beach. It features three bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a patio overlooking the garden and ocean, and a nice place for barbecue and outdoor activities.

Playa de Abama

abama beach

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The hidden gem of Tenerife consists of just one beach and only several hotels. However, this is one of the best resorts in Tenerife.

Playa de Abama is a quiet lagoon where a beach of fine yellow sand hides between the rocks. Some say that the sand was brought here by currents from the Sahara, others that it was specially imported from Morocco. The main thing is the sand is very soft and perfectly clean. The cleanliness of the beach is monitored by the staff of The Ritz-Carlton Abama. Blue ocean waves roll onto the golden shore, a fresh breeze blows, and a couple of minutes walk away you will find a luxurious bedroom overlooking the ocean. Isn’t this your dream vacation?

Playa Abama is a beautiful beach, surrounded by a banana plantation on one side and by picturesque cliffs on the other. The town of Costa Adeje is a 20-minute drive. There you will find restaurants, clubs, water parks, and other entertainment, so you won’t be bored.

On the beach, you will enjoy excellent service and all the necessary facilities: rentals of sun loungers and umbrellas, showers and restrooms, a Canarian cuisine restaurant, and different beach activities. Entrance to the beach is free.

To get to the beach, you need to walk down the hill or use special elevators, which are only available for Ritz-Carlton guests.

The best hotels near Playa de Abama

The five-star Ritz-Carlton Abama is located 10 minutes walk from the beach. It offers stylish rooms with panoramic views of the ocean and the neighboring island of La Gomera. The rooms are decorated in a refined Moorish style. You can also rent a villa surrounded by a tropical garden. The hotel has a two-Michelin-star restaurant serving Mediterranean and European cuisine, a wonderful spa, several swimming pools with sun terraces lined with palm trees, a gym, and an entertainment complex for children. Special elevators run between the hotel and the beach.

The five-star Las Terrazas De Abama is located next door to The Ritz-Carlton Abama. You can rent a spacious suite with breathtaking ocean views. The hotel has rooms for two, four, six, and eight people. It offers several swimming pools, a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, sports grounds, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a children's entertainment center.

Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos

Author: Jose Miguel @ flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

One of the most popular cities in Tenerife is called Los Cristianos. It is located a 1,5-hour drive from the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There are two more resort towns near Los Cristianos: Las Americas and Costa Adeje. Together they form a unique tourist complex and are usually perceived as one large resort. 

People come to Los Cristianos to relax on beautiful sandy beaches, enjoy long walks along the many-kilometer promenade, admire colorful Spanish architecture, and try unusual island cuisine.

The best beaches in Los Cristianos 

Los Cristianos has two large beaches: Playa de los Cristianos and Playa de las Vistas. Light sand on both beaches is brought there by currents from the Sahara Desert.

Playa de los Cristianos is big and has wonderful facilities. There are comfortable sun loungers and big umbrellas, nice seaside cafes and bars, a diving school, and a boat station. 

Dolphins and even whales swim in the waters of Los Cristianos. However, to see them you will have to purchase a tour or rent a yacht

Playa de las Vistas is larger than Playa de los Cristianos. The beach is well equipped, there are sun loungers and umbrellas, restrooms and showers, rentals of the equipment for beach activities, beach bars and cafes on the promenade near the beach where you can have a snack or a drink. It is cleaner here than on the neighboring beach and the beach is more suitable for families with children. There are usually no waves on the beach, so you don’t have to worry about safety, but you definitely won’t be able to surf here. The beach promenade extends up to the neighboring city of Las Americas.

The best things to do in Los Cristianos

los cristianos activities

Author: Diego Delso / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

The most popular things to do in Los Cristianos are usually located in the coastal zone. There are beach cafes, restaurants with open terraces, small bars where original cocktails will be prepared for you, and nightclubs with incendiary parties. In addition to the traditional entertainment list, there are also offers for nature lovers. A 10-minute drive from the city there is a small volcano called Montaña de Guasa. At the top of the volcano, there is an observation deck that offers a wonderful view of the city and beaches. A walk to the top of the volcano and back will take you half a day. You can get there on foot, just wear comfortable shoes and bring water.

If you want more serious adventures, then just an hour drive and you see the great and mighty Teide volcano. Teide is a local star. The last time it erupted not so long ago, in 1909. The eruption of 1706 had burned the whole city of Garachico to the ground. And finally, it is the third-highest volcano in the world and the highest point in Spain. On Teide, you will admire picturesque views of the surrounding cities, unusual rocks and free-standing stones, luxurious natural landscapes, and sometimes downright cosmic landscapes.

You can get to the volcano by bus and climb on your own, or join one of the tours. 

Best tours to Teide volcano

Teide Volcano

Author: Phil Mono on Unsplash

The best hotels in Los Cristianos

The four-star Boutique Hotel H10 Big Sur is considered the best hotel in the city. It operates on an adults-only system. The resort is located a short walk from the beach. It offers stylish rooms with balconies offering stunning views of the ocean and beaches. The hotel has a large swimming pool and a sun terrace lined with tropical plants. The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine. You can also use the gym and spa.

Aparthotel Aguamar is a ten-minute walk from the beach. Spacious apartments where you will find everything for a perfect holiday are at your disposal: large beds, a kitchenette, a swimming pool with a beautiful sun terrace, a restaurant, a pool and playgrounds for children.

Las Americas

Las Americas

Author: Artie Kostenko on Unsplash

Perhaps the most popular resort in Tenerife is called Las Americas. It is located a 1,5-hour drive from the island's capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Las Americas is located between two other equally popular resort towns named Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. The three cities practically merge into one and there is a long promenade between them so that you can see all the sights during your walk along the ocean. Las Americas offers excellent sandy beaches, delicious seafood in cozy restaurants, long walks along the ocean, and amazing service.

The best beaches in Las Americas

Las Americas beaches

Author: Mate Marschalko, flickr.com, CC BY 2.0

Most Tenerife beaches are made of black volcanic sand, you may also find some beaches of yellow sand but they are quite rare. Beaches of black sand look very unusual, especially if you remember that every black grain of sand is a former volcano. The most popular beach with golden sand is located near the capital and is called Teresitas. Another golden beach is located in the neighboring town of Los Cristianos. Well, the third option is Camison Beach, located in Las Americas.

The coastline of the Las Americas includes many beaches. But not everywhere the water is equally clean and the sand is soft. 

Camison Beach is the best beach in the city. Camison is surrounded by breakwaters, so there are no waves here, and if there are some waves, they are smaller than on other beaches. Soft sand, clear water, cute beach cafes, all this awaits you here. The beach has free umbrellas and you may rent a sun lounger for 5 euros per day. Near the beach, there are kiosks selling beach accessories, for example, glasses, swimsuits, towels, and masks. There are several playgrounds for children.

Playa de Troya is another good beach. It is located on the outskirts of the city, but the city is small, so it won't take long to get here. Playa de Troya has fine black sand, clean and very comfortable for relaxation. The beach has breakwaters, so there are almost no waves here. The slope, when you enter the water, is very gentle, which is good for families with children. There are usually few people on Troy and it is easy to find a place by the water.

The beach has good facilities, there are sun loungers and umbrellas for 5 euros per day, showers and restrooms, and there are several cafes and bars where you can have a snack and refresh yourself.

Las Americas Beach is not the most popular holiday destination, but there are still plenty of people here. On the beach of Las Americas, there are often sharp stones that can injure you, especially in large waves, so you'd better use special shoes. There is also a coral reef underwater that can hurt you. But there are also advantages: the coral reef is home to fish, which are interesting to watch while snorkeling. Las Americas Beach is фдыщ a great place to have a picnic overlooking the ocean, meditating, or reading a book while listening to the sound of the waves. But for perfect swimming and a golden tan, it’s better to go to Camison or Troy.

The best things to do in Las Americas

Las Americas attractions

The first thing the resort is known for is its beaches. People who like to dive or snorkel, surf, sunbathe on a snow-white yacht, or do yoga to the sound of the surf come here.

The next thing to do in the Canaries is to explore the local cuisine. The restaurants in Las Americas will serve you both traditional paella and the traditional fish dish Sancocho Canario.

If you like long walks along the ocean, Las Americas is the right choice. A beautiful promenade connects the cities of Los Cristianos, Las Americas, and Costa Adeje, so you can walk here for hours. Tropical trees are planted along the promenade, soft music and tempting aromas can be heard from cafes and restaurants, nightclubs are waiting for guests, and beautiful hotels offer exceptional comfort and stunning ocean views.

The neighboring town of Costa Adeje has two water parks. One is small, it's called Aqualand. There you will find about 10 slides, several pools, including a wave pool, a couple of cafes and bars, and a spacious sunbathing terrace. Not far from Aqualand, there is another water park called Siam Park. This is the largest water park in Europe. There you will find the most modern attractions of different levels of extremeness, several swimming pools, an artificial river, imitation of surfing, the sensations of free fall and weightlessness, in general, all the achievements of the field of water entertainment are collected in one place.

Those who love hiking and nature should go to the Teide volcano. It is one of the highest volcanoes in the world and one of the highest point in Spain. From the top of the volcano opens a stunning view of almost the entire island and this view is incredibly beautiful.

The best hotels in Las Americas

The four-star H10 Las Palmeras is located by the ocean in Las Americas Beach. It offers bright rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean and the city. The hotel has five restaurants, several swimming pools for adults, a swimming pool for children, a large children's entertainment club, a fitness center, and a tennis court.

The four-star Hotel Cleopatra Palace is located close to the popular Camison beach. There you will enjoy a marvelous ocean view and long strolls along the beautiful promenade lined with high palm trees. All popular attractions can be reached on foot. Guests are offered comfortable rooms with balconies offering wonderful views of the ocean. The hotel has several restaurants, a spa, sports grounds, and great play areas for children.

Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje

Author: TimOve @ flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The city of Costa Adeje is located a 1,5-hour drive from the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. And the town of Costa Adeje is within walking distance. Just like Las Americas and Los Cristianos, people come to Costa Adeje to get a perfect tan, swim in the Atlantic Ocean, go diving, and try the local cuisine. In addition, Costa Adeje has the largest water park in Europe, so lovers of water activities will admire this place.

Costa Adeje has excellent beaches of yellow and black sand. Black sand is volcanic and yellow was imported from the Sahara. The city is conventionally divided into two zones. Playa de Torviscas and Playa de Troya are perfect for a more party-oriented holiday, and Playa del Duque is created for those who want to spend quiet time surrounded by nature, admire the ocean, and take a leisurely walk along the promenade.

The best beaches in Costa Adeje

The most popular beaches of Costa Adeje are Playa del Duque, Playa Fanabe, and Playa de Torviscas. All of them have excellent facilities, good service, clean sand, and many comfortable beachfront hotels.

Playa del Duque Beach is an oasis of luxury relaxation. It is located on the outskirts of the island so that no one can disturb your holiday. On Playa del Duque you will find soft golden sand, comfortable sun loungers, beautiful umbrellas, palm trees providing natural shade, stylish beach bars, and high-quality service. There are great luxury hotels on the beach. The five-star Tivoli La Caleta Resort has elegant rooms with panoramic ocean views, four restaurants, several bars, swimming pools for adults and children, a spa with a wide range of services, and excellent service.

Playa Fanabe and Playa de Torviscas are hard to separate. The beaches consist partly of dark sand, and partly of light one. The beach has everything you need for a great holiday: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, and restrooms, rental of equipment for outdoor activities, entertainment for children, cafes with outdoor terraces and beach bars, and beach stores selling the accessories. The best hotel near Playa Fanabe is the five-star Gran Tacande Wellness & Relax Costa Adeje. It offers stylish rooms, excellent restaurants serving Mediterranean and European cuisine, and a large swimming pool with an infinity pool, and spa. If you're looking for apartments, check out Los Olivos Beach Resort. The comfortable, bright rooms have absolutely everything for a perfect holiday, and as a bonus, there are two outdoor swimming pools with spacious sunbathing terraces and a gym.

There is another small beach called Playa de la Pinta. The beach is located close to the port, so the water here is often dirty, and the stones are quite sharp, which means that swimming is unsafe here. But it is a good place for a picnic or to quickly cool off on a hot day.

The best things to do in Costa Adeje

Siam Park waterpark

Author: stephen jones @ Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

The central beaches are a place where people come looking for entertainment: beach bars and dancing by the ocean, night clubs and parties until the morning, cafes with open terraces, and restaurants with live music, shops, and souvenir shops, all this is located in the central part of the city.

There are two water parks in Costa Adeje. A smaller and cheaper water park is called Aqualand. There are about 10 slides for adults and children, several swimming pools, and a large sunbathing terrace. Siam Park is the largest water park in Europe. Guests are offered a full range of water activities: here you will find slides for children and adults, roller coasters, slides simulating free fall and zero gravity, artificial rivers, wave pools, five Thai restaurants, pool bars, beautiful sunbathing terraces, and beautiful views.

Shopping lovers should visit the Siam Mall, the largest shopping center on the island. This is a stylish mall where you will find dozens of clothing, shoe, accessories, and cosmetics stores, souvenir shops, supermarkets, beauty salons, and entertainment for children. The mall is decorated in Thai style, as is the Siam Park water park because both establishments belong to the same owner. By the way, the same owner owns the Loro Park Zoo in the city of Puerto de la Cruz, and we will talk about this wonderful place soon.

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is as popular as Las Americas, Costa Adeje, and Los Cristianos. There are amazing facilities, a lot of entertainment, good beaches, low prices, in general, there are many advantages and almost no disadvantages.

Puerto de la Cruz attracts guests with its beaches of black volcanic sand, gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean and the fabulous Teide volcano, comfortable beachfront, and a beautiful promenade. Unlike small towns such as Los Gigantes or Las Galletas, the city of Puerto de la Cruz is quite large, which means there is something to do here besides relaxing on the beach.

The best beaches in Puerto de la Cruz

The city has two large beaches, one perfect for a more relaxing holiday, and the second great for surfing enthusiasts. Between the beaches, there are seawater pools built from volcanic stone. The pools called Lago Martianez offer wonderful views of the ocean and mountains, making them a popular place to relax. The beaches are connected by a city promenade and you can walk from one to the other in half an hour. 

Playa Jardin

Playa Jardín is a 10 minutes walk from the city center. On one side of the beach, there is the Punta Brava observation deck, from where you can admire the surroundings and ocean waves, and on the other, the San Filipe fortress, small but colorful. This is a beach of fine black sand which consists of three beaches that merge one into another: Maria Jimenez, Playa Chica, and Playa de San Filipe. They are separated from each other by breakwaters that protect the beaches from waves. All three beaches have excellent facilities: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas (3-4 euros per day), showers and restrooms, beach bars and cafes, playgrounds for children, and rental of equipment for beach activities.

Just 10 minutes from the beach is the Loro Parque Zoo, where you can see the world's largest collection of parrots, visit the penguinarium, watch dolphin and killer whale performances, feed the fish, meet lemurs, red pandas, and many other animals.

The four-star Hotel Diamante Suites is located a minute's walk from Jardin Beach. It offers stylish rooms with inspiring views of the tropical garden and the ocean. The hotel has a swimming pool with a sun terrace, several good restaurants, and sports grounds.

The cozy Casa el Adina aparthotel offers its guests comfortable apartments that have everything for a beach holiday. They offer bright rooms with comfortable beds, good kitchens, and balconies where you can have breakfast overlooking the ocean.

Playa de Martianez

Lago playa Martianez

Author: Boris Busorgin on Unsplash

10 minutes from the center of Puerto de la Cruz you will find Playa de Martianez. If you are standing in the center of Puerto you will see Jardín Beach on the one hand and Martianez on the other.

Playa de Martianez is a black sand beach with infusions of stones. That is why it is perfect for surfing but if you want to swim you’d better go to Playa Jardin. Playa Martianez often has big waves, which are ideal for surfers. There is a surf school on the beach where you can rent a board and hire an instructor.

Lago Martianez

But Martianez is about more than just surfing. A couple of meters near the beach there is a complex consisting of five large swimming pools and an artificial lake. The pools are made of natural volcanic stone and filled with ocean water.

The pools offer stunning views of the endless ocean and the mysterious Teide volcano. Lago Martianez is surrounded by spacious sun terraces, planted with palm trees and flowers. There are no attractions or entertainment here, but there are bars where they will prepare a delicious cocktail for you, and cafes where you can have a snack.

The entrance to the pool costs 5.50 euros. The price includes the rental of a sun lounger and umbrella, as well as access to showers and restrooms.

The four-star H10 Tenerife Playa is a couple of minutes walk from the beach and Martianez pools. It offers beautiful rooms with views of the pools and ocean. The hotel has a view restaurant, a large swimming pool, and a sun terrace.

The four-star Bahia Principe Sunlight San Felipe is a five-minute walk from the beach and Martianez pools. Guests are offered a five-minute walk from the beach and swimming pools of Martianez. The bright rooms have original décor, comfortable beds, and balconies with views of the ocean and Mount Teide. The hotel is surrounded by a tropical garden, which is so pleasant to walk through on a hot afternoon. You can use the pool and relax on the spacious sun terrace, as well as visit the restaurant, and spa and play tennis.

The best things to do in Puerto de la Cruz

Loro Parque

Author: Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

One of the most popular things to do in Puerto de la Cruz is visiting the amazing Loro Parque Zoo, where both children and adults will have fun. For more than 50 years this zoo was the best in the whole world! Hot afternoons are perfect for exploring three botanical gardens with rare tropical plants collected from all over the planet. The historical part of the city and the San Telmo promenade is a great choice for romantic long walks. Colorful seaside cafes will become an atmospheric place to enjoy your morning coffee or evening glass of wine, exquisite restaurants will serve you a delicious dinner, and nightclubs with fashionable parties will become a place where you will dance like nobody’s watching.

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