Ibiza guide: best resorts and how to get there

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Ibiza is a small but very famous island in the Mediterranean Sea. The distance from one end of Ibiza to the other is only 45 kilometers, but how amazing they are: luxurious beaches, trendy clubs, luxury hotels, high mountains, rocky cliffs, picturesque valleys, and the best service ever.

The most popular resort in Ibiza is its capital called Ibiza or Eivissa. The city attracts visitors with beaches with fine yellow sand, a sea with gentle waves, and non-stop parties. All the most important and bright events take place on the central Eivissa beach called Playa d'en Bossa, so if you are coming here for relaxation and dancing all night long, you will not regret it.

The second most popular resort is San Antonio Abad. It is located on the seashore, 17 km from the capital. Here you will find great beaches, good hotels, slightly less luxurious, but no less vibrant parties, and, last but not least, lower prices.

In search of privacy and silence, go to Portinatx with its wonderful scenery and Mediterranean restaurants. Another good option for outdoor recreation is the resort of Santa Eulalia del Río. Here you can sunbathe on the spacious sandy beaches, admire the yachts in the port, walk through the hills and forests, and if you want fun, the capital of Ibiza is half an hour away.

This article talks about the most popular resorts in Ibiza, the best beaches on the island, the most fashionable clubs, and the most comfortable hotels.

Ibiza town or Eivissa

eivissa city

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Music from the best DJs, dancing from sunset to sunset, popular cocktails, and stunning Mediterranean landscapes, that's what we imagine when we think of Ibiza. And it's all true.

But Ibiza is not only about music and dancing. The city has a beautiful historic center with narrow cobblestone streets and low houses entwined with vines. There are several interesting museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art or the ancient Phoenician Necropolis. And, of course, there are perfect sandy beaches with excellent facilities where you can sunbathe, dive, snorkel, and discover the bright underwater world, eat ice cream, read books, and relax.

How to get to Ibiza

The cheapest flights to Eivissa are from Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, so if you are on vacation there, do not miss the opportunity to fly to the island for 20 euros or even less. The flight lasts for about an hour.

You can also reach the island by ferry. The main ports are Valencia, Denia, and Barcelona. The ferry from Denia takes 2-3 hours, the ferry from Valencia takes 5-7 hours, and the ferry from Barcelona takes more than 9 hours. The departure is usually in the evening or at night and in the morning you are already on the island.

Ibiza is 6 km from the international airport. You can get from the airport to the city by bus 10, by taxi or by transfer. The transfer costs approximately 30-40 euros.

The best Eivissa beaches

eivissa beach

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Talamanca beach

The city beach named Talamanca lies 1 km from the center of Eivissa. The city port is located nearby, and the Old Town is a little further, so it is easy to get there. The famous Pacha nightclub is also located next to the Talamanca beach.

The beach is quite big. Its length is about a kilometer, and its width is twenty meters, so you can easily find a place by the water or in the shade.

The beach has everything you need for a comfortable stay by the sea: changing cabins, showers, and restrooms, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas (6 euros per piece), several cafes and beach bars, entertainment for children, sports grounds and rentals of equipment for outdoor activities.

The slope to the water is gentle, which is very convenient for children. The beach is perfect for swimming in the sea with a mask and snorkel, but there is one minus called algae. But this problem sometimes takes place on all the beaches of Mallorca.

Best hotels in Talamanca beach

If you want to live next to the sea and at the same time not far from the walking streets and clubs, Talamanca beach is what you need. The most comfortable hotels are the four-star Hotel Argos Ibiza, with spacious rooms and gorgeous sea views, and the Hotel Simbad Ibiza & Spa, where you can relax your body and soul.

Well, the best hotel on the beach is the luxurious Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, where you can rent a room decorated in the traditional Balearic style of Ibiza. This hotel offers sea access directly from the hotel and a rooftop swimming pool and sun terrace with beautiful views of the sea and the city.

Figueretas beach

Another good city beach is a 15-minute walk from the Old Town.

It has everything you need for a beach vacation: golden sand, clear sea, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, restrooms, changing cabins, and several cozy cafes where you can drink a cocktail with snacks or have a nice lunch.

At Figuretes beach, you can sit right by the water or relax in the shade of palm trees that grow along the coast.

The most popular activities on Eivissa beaches are all kinds of water attractions: diving, snorkeling, and jet ski. You may rent all necessary equipment or buy a special Beach Hopping Cruise with Paddleboard, Food, & Drinks or Snorkeling and SUP Paddle, Beach and Cave Cruise. If you prefer ground activities, enjoy Jeep Safari Island Exploration. Whatever you choose, do not forget your sun hat, sunscreen and water.

Best hotels in Figueretas beach

If you want to live close to the city center and the good beach, choose accommodation near Figuretes beach. Choose stylish Apartamentos Lido, spacious Apartamentos Llobet, or modern Apartamentos Bossa Bay, located 100 meters from the beach. 

Playa d’en Bossa

Playa den Bossa

Author: Tim Bieler, flickr.com, CC BY 2.0

Playa d'en Bossa is a must-visit place for those who come to Ibiza to have fun and dance. That is the most popular beach on the island. There are the most trendy clubs near it, such as Ushuaia Beach Club, Hï Ibiza, and Bora Bora.

Playa d'en Bossa offers you perfect service, modern music, and a non-stop beach party mood at any time of the day and night.

The beach has excellent facilities: rental of comfortable sun loungers and large umbrellas, delicious cocktails in bars and seafood lunch in cafes, and music that does not let you forget that you are in Ibiza.

There are a lot of promoters at the beach who distribute invitations to parties. It is a disadvantage if you want to relax, but an advantage if you want to get a discount ticket to a popular club, or even a free ticket.

If you are in Playa d'en Bossa and want to find a quiet place, just go away from the main beach bars and you will get your chance to relax. There the sand whispers, the sea rustles, and the waves splash. So you may be sure Playa d'en Bossa has everything for a perfect vacation.

You may also rent a beautiful boat and explore the coast. For example Same Day Round Trip Ferry Ticket to Formentera for 40 euros is a perfect way to admire dramatic coastal views as you sail and Boat Party Cruise with Open Bar and DJ for 100 euros will allow you to enjoy the sea views and to celebrate the summer with plenty of drinks from the premium open bar.

Best hotels in Playa d’en Bossa

One of the best hotels next to Playa d'en Bossa is the four-star FERGUS Style Bahamas, which stands right by the sea, and is next to two of the most popular clubs in Ibiza, Bora-Bora and Hi. 

Pay attention to the best spa hotels in Ibiza town: Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa and Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa. Both stand on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and both offer a wide range of spa services. Swimming pools, sun terraces, and fitness centers are at your disposal.

And if music is your life, stay at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, which houses the legendary Ushuaia Ibiza Club. It offers comfortable rooms, excellent restaurants, several swimming pools, a separate entrance to the club, and a lot of privileges in the best clubs on the island. 

Best Ibiza clubs

Best clubs of Ibiza

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The first parties in Ibiza take place in May. The most famous guests come to Ibiza in mid-June and give concerts until the end of September. In the first half of October, the party season closes and Ibiza falls asleep until the next May. Of course, you will find a place to dance even if you come in winter. For example, the Pacha club is waiting for you all year round. 

Ushuaia Beach Club

The famous Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club is located in the heart of Ibiza in Playa d'en Bossa.

The beach offers the loudest parties, the craziest events, and the best DJs ever.

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club always invites the most famous musicians: David Guetta and Armin van Buuren, Solomun and Calvin Harris, and many others. There is always the best sound, incredible special effects, stylish interiors, and an absolutely unique atmosphere.

Playa d'en Bossa never sleeps. During the day, people come here to sit in the beach bar and sunbathe, at lunchtime, you can have a chic bite in one of the restaurants, and in the afternoon, dress up to wait for the evening to listen to the music, dance, and have fun.

Hotel Club Ushuaia Ibiza Beach 

This hotel is the best option for those who came to Ibiza for the best music and the ultimate relaxation.

One of the most fashionable clubs in Ibiza, Ushuaia Beach Club, is located in Hotel Club Ushuaia Ibiza Beach.

The hotel has several buildings: Tower and Club. If you want to have a separate entrance to the club and the opportunity to watch parties and listen to concerts from your balcony, choose Club. If you want to dance at night and relax during the day, you better stay in the Tower building. All hotel guests have a lot of privileges at the Ushuaia Beach Club, such as the most comfortable tables, comfortable sofas, and free drinks, as well as free entry to the best clubs in Ibiza or at least discounts and better service.

The hotel has several swimming pools with spacious sun terraces, access to the wonderful beach, six restaurants, and an excellent spa where you can relax after sleepless nights.

Bora-bora club

Bora Bora Ibiza

Author: Pixabay.com

If you want to get into the atmosphere of youth and have fun and listen to the best electronic music, the doors of the Bora Bora club are open for you. The club is located on the most party beach in the city, Playa d'en Bossa. Usually, people go all night between Ushuaia Beach Club, Hï Ibiza, and Bora Bora, because all three clubs are located next to each other.

During the day, Bora Bora is a beach bar where you can sunbathe in a pleasant dance rhythm, listen to music, drink a cocktail, or have a delicious lunch. And after 19.00 the action begins, the music sounds louder, there are more and more people, and the mood is getting better.

Hi Ibiza

Hï Ibiza nightclub is located in the dancing heart of Ibiza in stylish Playa d'en Bossa. Here you will find the best parties with trendy DJs, professionally prepared cocktails, interesting interiors, and new people. Here Armin van Buuren and David Guetta, Oliver Heldens and Robin Schulz, Edris Elba and Paul Reynolds play.

If you do not like dancing in the same club for a whole night, remember that Ushuaia Beach Club and Bora Bora are across the road.


Nightclub Pacha is located next to the city beach Talamanca. It is literally a couple of minutes' walk from the city port and the promenade.

The club was opened in 1973 and all this time good music has been playing here, beautiful people have been dancing, and refreshing cocktails have been sparkling in glasses.

Pacha differs from others because it is open all year round, while other clubs are open from May to October. So come here if you are in Ibiza in the warm Spanish winter.


The Amnesia nightclub has been entertaining the public with great music since 1976. The brightest stars come here, such as David Guetta, Solomun, Paul van Dyk, Fatboy Slim, and dozens of other names, which make the club as popular as Ushuaia, Bora Bora, Hï Ibiza, and Pacha.

Unlike other famous clubs, Amnesia is located outside the city. However, you can get there by taxi in 10 minutes.

Best hotels in Ibiza

You will easily find a hotel for your taste in the capital of Ibiza, so we tell you about the most popular and comfortable options.

The king of beach hotels and the dream of all party-goers is the five-star Ushuaia Beach Club Hotel. The hotel is situated near the most popular city beach, Playa d'en Bossa. Besides the fact that Ushuaia Beach Club Hotel offers its guests stylish rooms and first-class service, the hotel has an advantage over all other hotels. The best club in Ibiza, Ushuaia, is located on the territory of the hotel. Hotel guests have a lot of advantages, such as a private entrance to the club, table reservations and access to sofas, free cocktails, and often free entry to other popular clubs in the city. Making a reservation at Ushuaia Beach Club Hotel, you get not only a room with panoramic sea views, a large pool, and a sandy beach within a minute's walk but also a ticket to luxury club life.

A great option for party-goers is the five-star Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. The hotel offers music-themed rooms, very comfortable beds, several pools, a shady tropical garden, a fitness center, and a beach under the balcony. And the main advantage of the hotel is a private beach club, where famous guests come.

Another hotel that offers relaxation with musical notes is the five-star Santos Ibiza Suites. Here you will find vintage-style rooms, the beach right under the windows, a good restaurant, a large pool, and private parties.

If you want not only to dance but also to relax, choose the five-star Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa. There you will find beautiful rooms with gorgeous views of the sea and the city, a pool surrounded by palm trees, a sandy beach, and a luxurious spa.

The four-star Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa will give you the most unforgettable holiday experience in Ibiza. It offers nautical-themed rooms, two restaurants serving Spanish and European cuisine, a spa, several pools, and spacious sun terraces - ideal conditions for complete relaxation.

Cala Llonga resort

Cala Llonga

Author: Saoro [Public domain]

Location: The city is located 12 km from the capital of Ibiza.

How to get there: from the capital of Ibiza, Eivissa, Cala Longa can be reached by bus L15. It departs from the city center and gets to Cala Longa in half an hour. The fare is 2-3 euros. The taxi or transfer costs 40 euros.

The price for a double room in a four-star hotel: $120-130.

People come to Cala Longa to relax. Begin your day with a late breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea, then put on your hat, go down to the beach, and get a bronze tan. After that, enjoy lunch at one of the beach cafes. Do not forget that Mediterranean cuisine is the healthiest in the world, so feel free to try everything. In the evening have a promenade along the sea or a walk in the hills, and then dinner to the rustle of the waves and Spanish music.

There are several yoga studios in Cala Llonga where you can learn a couple of new asanas, and after class go for a massage.

This resort is considered to be one of the most comfortable for children. Due to its location in the bay, the water is warm and there are rarely storms. Lifeguards are always on duty at the beach. Jellyfish almost do not swim here, and if they swim, it is much less than on other beaches of the island. And of course, there is a lot of entertainment in Cala Llonga for both children and adults.

Cala Llonga beach

Cala Llonga is located 12 km from the capital of Ibiza.

The small town of Cala Llonga is located between green hills, the greenery from which flows directly into the bay. Here you will find the transparent Mediterranean Sea, clean sand, and delicious seafood in coastal cafes. Cala Llonga is the perfect place for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery. It will be good for families with children, because the slope to the water is very gentle, and there are rarely waves. Colorful fish swim in the water and you can watch them through a mask and snorkel.

The beach has everything you need for a perfect seaside vacation: rental of comfortable sun loungers and large umbrellas (6 euros per piece), showers, restrooms and changing cabins, kiosks selling swimwear, towels, and sunscreen, equipment for outdoor activities, children playgrounds, a variety of cafes and restaurants.

Prices in the resort of Cala Longa are much lower than in the capital, and the service is excellent.

The best hotels in Cala Llonga

The most popular options include the 4-star Palladium Hotel Cala Llonga, which stands right on the beach, and Typic Oasys Sa Tanca, which offers stylish apartments a minute's walk from the beach. The apartments can accommodate up to six guests. 

San Antonio resort

Sant Antoni de Portmany or San Antonio Abad is located 17 km from the capital of Ibiza. The easiest way to get there is by bus L3 or L30. It departs from Ibiza town from the Estación de Autobuses CETIS bus station. Travel time 20 minutes. The fare is 3 euros. A taxi or a transfer costs 25 euros.

The price of a double room in a three-star hotel starts from 60 euros and reaches 200 euros.

Best beaches in San Antonio

Sestanyol beach

Author: Olaf Tausch @ Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

S’Estanyol beach

This beach is perfect for those who want to relax in nature. The water here is perfectly clear, and the coast is a bit rocky, but there are areas with sand. The beach is spacious, so you can find a place near the water or in the shade. The beach is surrounded by low green hills, palm trees grow along the coast, and pine trees smell so awesome that you understand that the second name of this resort is relaxation.

There are several cafes and restaurants around the beach where excellent seafood is served, remember that Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world.

You will find many comfortable hotels and apartments close to the sea.

One of the best budget-friendly options is the two-star Hotel Tagomago, where you can rent a cozy room with a comfortable bed, the stylish three-star Hotel Vibra San Remo is located near the beach, and the luxurious four-star THB Naeco Ibiza with panoramic windows and sea views is one of the best hotels on the coast. And if you're looking for a relaxing spa experience, AxelBeach Ibiza Suites Apartments Spa and Beach Club is here for you. 

Calo El Moro beach

Calo El Moro

Author: Pixabay.com

Another beach resort is located close to the city center. This small beach is very popular due to its location. There are always too many people there, that's why the sand and the water are not too clean.

Calo El Moro is suitable for those who want to cool off on a hot day, sit by the sea in the evening, have a delicious dinner, and listen to music. But if you are eager a true relaxation, you'd better go to S'Estanyol beach. There are fewer people there, and the area is much more picturesque and clean.

Best hotels near Calo El Moro beach

Calo El Moro beach is a great option for those who want to live in the city center and admire the sea from their balcony.

The most popular hotels near the beach include the three-star Hotel Gran Sol, which is a minute's walk from the sea, the three-star Hotel Abrat, which offers beautiful views of the sea and the hills, and Sol Bahía Ibiza Suites, where you can rent a spacious room with a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Cala Saladeta beach

Cala Saladeta

Author: Jixel on Unsplash

Another beach in San Antonio is called Cala Saladeta. You will find it 7 km from the city center. If you have already been in San Antonio for several days and visited its beaches and the picturesque rock of Punta Galera, go to Cala Saladeta.

Here you will find the endless blue sea, hillsides covered with emerald greenery, and genuine relaxation. People usually come to Cala Saladeta beach for a couple of hours and stay for a couple of days.

The beach is not equipped, there is a cafe, but it takes a little walk along the coast to get to it. Locals usually walk near the sea and offer drinks and snacks.

An amazing way to explore Cala Saladeta is Cala Salada & Ses Margalides Cruise with Snorkeling. During the cruise you will discover the northern part of the island, see the hidden islands and seashores, swim and snorkel, and even visit the aquarium.

How to get to Cala Saladeta beach from San Antonio

The easiest way to get here is bus 34. The stop is a couple of minutes' walk from the beach.

Best hotels near Cala Saladeta

If you came to Ibiza not only to dance but also to relax, consider staying at Cala Saladeta for a few days. There are several hotels near the beach.

The most comfortable options include the small guest house Hostal La Torre Ibiza Cap Negret, and the luxurious Villa Colina, which can accommodate up to eight people. All hotels are located in such a way that it will be convenient to get to the beach of Cala Saladeta, and the rock of Punta Galera, and the city center of San Antonio

Cala Bassa beach

Cala Bassa

Author: Michela Simoncini @ flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The best beach in San Antonio and one of the most popular resorts in Ibiza is located 12 km from San Antonio and 23 km from the capital.

It has all the necessary facilities: rental of comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas (8 euros per piece), changing cabins, restrooms, and showers, outdoor activities equipment rental, grocery stores, seaside cafes, and restaurants with outdoor terraces.

Cala Bassa beach has clear water, fine golden sand, tall palm trees, a forest where it is so pleasant to walk enjoying the coolness, rocks from which it is so fun to jump into the water, nice cafes serving Mediterranean cuisine, and excellent service.

How to get to Cala Bassa beach

The easiest way to get to Cala Bassa from San Antonio is the L7 bus, which will take you to the destination point for 3 euros. The trip will take you half an hour. You can also take a ferry that departs from the port of San Antonio. The fare is approximately 5 euros one way. A taxi or a transfer costs 40 euros.

If you go from Eivissa, first go to San Antonio by bus L3 or L30, and then you need to ask the driver, maybe he goes straight to Cala Bassa. If not, transfer to L7. A taxi or a transfer from Eivissa costs 30 euros.

The best hotels by the sea near Cala Bassa beach

The comfortable Occidental Ibiza is located 3 km from Cala Bassa Beach and a short walk from Port des Torrent Beach. It offers spacious and bright rooms with large beds, several swimming pools with beautiful terraces, bars, and a restaurant.

Carmelina Suites is a short walk from Cala Bassa Beach. And if you don’t want to spend time cooking, there is a restaurant next to it, as well as a swimming pool with a sun terrace, a children’s playground with trampolines and swings, and a garden with tropical plants. 

Cala Tarida resort

Cala Tarida

Author: anibal amaro [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)]

The resort town of Cala Tarida is located 20 km from the capital of Ibiza, Eivissa.

This is one of the most picturesque places in Ibiza. The sea here is of stunning turquoise color, the sand is fine and very soft, the slope into the water is gentle, palm trees grow around the beach and create a natural shade, you can walk along the rocks or dive into the water from them. Pine forests grow on the slopes of the hills, which give not only coolness but also fresh air with hints of pine needles.

The beach has all the necessary facilities: rental of umbrellas and sun loungers, kiosks selling beach stuff, and a supermarket where you can buy groceries, several cafes and restaurants, and entertainment for children and adults.

Another attraction is the Cotton Beach Club. During the day, you can relax with soft music and have a bite, and after sunset, parties begin with the popular DJs.

How to get to Cala Tarida

L38 bus runs from the capital to Cala Tarida. The bus departs from Av. Spain. Travel time is 45 minutes. The fare is 3 euros. A taxi or a transfer from Eivissa costs 25-30 euros.

The best hotels in Cala Tarida beach

The best hotel located near the sea is called Hotel Vibra Cala Tarida. Here you will find beautiful rooms with huge panoramic windows overlooking the sea and mountains, as well as a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, a gym, and a wonderful garden with tropical plants surrounding the hotel. 

Es Canar resort

Es Canar

Author: Pixabay.com

Es Canar is a small but popular beach resort 20 km from the capital.

Here you will find the Mediterranean Sea of its incredibly azure color, fine golden sand, a beautiful promenade planted with tropical plants, cozy restaurants with outdoor terraces, and excellent hotels.

The beach has everything you need for a perfect holiday by the sea: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, restrooms and showers, changing cabins, playgrounds for children, rentals of outdoor activities equipment, cafes, and restaurants.

The beach is surrounded by green hills, so if you are a hiker, it is quite possible to arrange a cool hike, you will adore fresh air, mountain streams, and wonderful sea views.

How to get to Es Canar

The L13 bus goes to Es Canar from the capital of Ibiza. It will take you to the resort town of Santa Eulària des Riu. There, change to L18A or L18B bus, which will take you to Es Canar. Travel time is about an hour. The fare is 2-4 euros. A taxi or a transfer from Eivissa costs 25-30 euros.

The best beach hotels in Es Canar

The best hotel in Es Canar beach is the four-star AluaSoul Ibiza. It is located in the first line and offers a wonderful view of the sea from its windows.

Another popular hotel is Bless Hotel Ibiza. You will enjoy a perfect sea view from the terrace of your room, and a walk to the beach will take five minutes, your dinner will be cooked by a Michelin-starred chef, the spa will be ready to give you relaxation, and the staff of the private beach is always ready to provide the best service. 

Santa Eulalia del Rio resort

Santa Eulalia

Author: Travelbusy.com @ flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Sunny Santa Eulalia del Rio lies 18 km from the capital of Ibiza.

Luxurious sandy beaches, pine forests, palm trees, and a promenade planted with tropical flowers wait for you in this small sun-drenched town. There are cafes on the promenade where you can have a romantic breakfast with a crispy croissant and aromatic coffee, and restaurants with excellent menus that will not hurt your figure or your wallet.

The city is surrounded by hills, one of which the old church stands. Go up to it if you want to enjoy the scenery. Also visit the historical museum and the ancient necropolis, if you want to immerse yourself in the history of Ibiza.

The beaches of Santa Eulalia have everything a beach lover can dream of: clean sand, aquamarine waves, comfortable sun loungers and large umbrellas, showers, restrooms and changing cabins, rental of equipment for outdoor activities, entertainment for children, shops, cafes, and eateries.

The beautiful beaches of Es Canar are situated 5 kilometers from Santa Eulalia, and the wonderful Es Figueral beach is located 10 km from the city. We'll tell you about that beach very soon. All this makes Santa Eulalia a perfect place for those who like to discover new locations.

A perfect way to enjoy the beauty od Santa Eulalia del Rio is Parasailing Boat Cruise with Drinks which allows you to admire the best views of the beautiful coves and beaches of santa Eulalia and Es Canar.

How to get to Santa Eulalia del Rio

The easiest way to get to the beaches of Santa Eulalia del Rio from Eivissa is by L13 bus. Travel time is 30 minutes. The fare is about 2 euros. A taxi or a transfer from Eivissa costs 20-25 euros.

The best hotels in Santa Eulalia del Rio

Santa Eulalia is a popular resort, so there are many amazing hotels there. One of the most popular five-star hotels is Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa. It offers spacious rooms with large terraces from where you may admire the sea and mountain views.

Another great option is the four-star Grupotel Santa Eulària & Spa, which operates an Adults Only system. It offers stylish rooms, a swimming pool with a spacious terrace, great restaurants, and a spa where professionals work for you.

If you're looking for apartments, try the 4-star Aparthotel Duquesa Playa. Your apartment with a kitchen and spacious balcony will be a two-minute walk from the beach. 

Es Figueral resort

Es Figueral

Author: Mark Leeds on Unsplash

The quiet and picturesque beach of Es Figueral is 25 km from the capital.

Es Figueral attracts tourists with its crystal clear sea, golden sand, rustle of palm trees, the noise of a pine forest, and the scent of flowers.

The central beach of the resort is equipped with everything you need: there is a rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, several cafes and a panoramic restaurant, showers, restrooms and changing cabins, a beautiful promenade, and a wide variety of entertainment for adults and children.

There is another beach not far from the city center, it is wild so nature lovers will like it. Stones turn into rocks, rocks jut out into the sea, and the sea merges with the sky. There you can relax, sunbathe, meditate, read, dive, swim with a mask, and actually, take a break from the city rhythm for a while. And if suddenly you have the desire to join this rhythm again, the capital of Ibiza is a 20-minute drive.

Try Es Figueral: Guided Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour for 45 euros and explore the natural wonders of the Ibizan coast.

Best hotels near Es Figueral beach

The best hotel on the beach is Invisa Hotel Club Cala Verde. It stands by the sea and looks very peculiar. It resembles an old fortress, entwined with vines and surrounded by palm trees. Another good option is Invisa Hotel Club Cala Blanca, which features spacious rooms with sea views, traditional Spanish cuisine, and excellent service.

Port de Sant Miquel resort

Port de Sant Miquel

Author: anibal amaro @ Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

Port de Sant Miquel or Puerto de San Miguel is located 23 km from the capital. People come here for marvelous landscapes, quiet bays, hillsides covered with greenery, and rocky shores. This is a wonderful place for those who want to relax in nature. 

On the beach, you will find everything you need for a seaside vacation: sun loungers and umbrellas, restrooms and showers, cafes and bars, sports grounds and play areas for children, and equipment for outdoor activities rental. Fans of wild beaches will enjoy swimming near the rocks and looking for underwater grottos and caves, diving from rocks, and snorkeling in search of marine life. 

The best beach hotels in Puerto de San Miguel 

A 10-minute walk from the beach is the luxurious Hacienda Na Xamena. It offers stylish rooms with panoramic windows overlooking the turquoise sea and cliffs. All rooms are decorated in a maritime style using natural materials. 

More affordable, but very comfortable hotel San Miguel Park is located a couple of minutes' walk from the sea. Here you will find beautiful rooms, several swimming pools with spacious sun terraces, restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine, and a tennis court. 

If you are looking for apartments, choose Balansat Resort Aparthotel. A walk to the beach will take 10 minutes, the windows offer views of the sea and pine trees, and your own kitchen will allow you to cook a perfect dinner from the fresh seafood bought at the nearest market. 

Xarraca resort

Xarraca beach

Author: Alexey Marchenko on Unsplash

The beach with an unusual and very Spanish name is located 25 km from the capital. It will appeal to those who have already danced in clubs and now want to be by the sea, listening to the splashing of the waves, the rustle of palm trees, and the cries of seagulls.

Xarraca beach is small, but few people know about it, so it's a great place to hide from crowds.

Here you can swim and sunbathe, go diving, enjoy walking through the pine forest, have a lazy breakfast in a cafe, and eat big lobsters for dinner.

Cala Xarraca beach is located in the resort village of Xarraca, 25 km from the capital of Ibiza.

The nearest hotel is located a couple of minutes' drive and is called Agroturismo Ca Sa Vilda Marge. This is a stylish villa, which was created for those who love to spend time in nature and can appreciate the stylish eco-design, colorful decoration of the rooms and territory, and a luxurious tropical garden. In the villa, you can rent a room for one, two, four or six people. 

Cala de Sant Vicent resort

Cala de Sant Vicent

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The beautiful beach with golden sand and a gentle sea lie 30 km from the capital.

Cala de Sant Vicent is located in a picturesque bay, hidden among the green hills. It is small, uncrowded, well-equipped, and perfect for those looking for a resort for a quiet, relaxing vacation. Here you can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella, use the shower and changing cabins, buy a cocktail in a seaside bar, and have a bite on the cafe terrace.

Children like swimming near the shore, while adults enjoy jumping from the rocks, snorkeling, or diving. Instructors and equipment can be found right on the beach. You can rent a boat or yacht and explore the coast.

How to get to Cala de Sant Vincent

The L13 bus departs from the capital and goes to the city of Santa Eulària des Rio. You may stay in Santa Eulalia, because it is also a very beautiful resort, or change to the L16C bus, which will take you to Cala de Sant Vicent. The bus ride takes about 2 hours. The fare costs 5-6 euros. A taxi or a transfer from Eivissa costs 35 euros.

The best hotels by the sea in Cala de Sant Vicent

One of the best hotels not only in Cala de Saint Vincent but in Ibiza island is the five-star El Somni Ibiza Dream Hotel by Grupotel. The hotel has spacious bright rooms and panoramic windows with a breathtaking view of the sea and mountains. Here you will find large swimming pools, the sea that splashes right under the balcony, Spanish cuisine on the restaurant menu, several tennis courts, and a club with cool parties and famous musicians.

Portinatx resort


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The resort is located 30 km from the capital. People come here in search of the perfect beach and they find it here. Portinatx beach has fine yellow sand with turquoise waves. The beach is framed by hills that turn into rocky shores. Pine forests grow on the hills, so nature lovers and hikers will admire them. And if you come to the beach early in the morning you will immerse yourself in the perfect smell of pine needles.

Portinatx is not the most popular resort in Ibiza, but definitely one of the most colorful. Single tourists, couples, and families with children will like it. There is enough space; the water and the sand are clean. There are no annoying beach sellers, no noise, only nature, and relaxation.

The beach has everything you need for a perfect beach vacation: sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, restrooms and changing cabins, kiosks with soft drinks and ice cream, snack bars, and cafes, sports fields, and entertainment for children.

How to get to Portinatx

Use the 20A bus to get to Portinatx from Eivissa. It departs from the Ronda Suministres station. Travel time is 40 minutes. The fare is 2-3 euros. A taxi or a transfer costs 35 euros.

Best beach hotels in Portinatx

The best hotel by the sea is the four-star Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort. Here you can rent a room with a magnificent sea view or a tropical garden view. Another great option is the four-star Barceló Portinatx. The hotel is located right on the beach and operates on an Adults Only basis. The snow-white Barceló Portinatx is decorated in a traditional Mediterranean style and offers bright rooms with comfortable beds and private sun terraces, a large swimming pool, a restaurant overlooking the sea and a spa.

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